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Imperial Hustle takes submissions for its IHE Magazine and Grind 2 Shine Mixtape. Artists, please send in your submissions. We go through a series of 3 steps to work with our multiple media platforms.


1. All submissions must go through a Q&A Process to be approved for quality check and file completion. During this time some artists may get the chance to have their music passed on to one of our analyst for special promotional offers.

2. After the quality assurance process, your music will be placed on our site and you will be notified by email. From this point on your music can be voted for in order to work with one or several of our many media services.

    • Receiving 10 Votes will get your music up for automatic review by one of our professional editors. This will give the chance for your music to have a professional review on our website.


    • Receiving 25 Votes in a week will have your music up for magazine submission a professional editor will review you as an artist and write an editorial regarding you.


    • Receiving 50 Votes in 2 weeks will submit your music for review with our new Grind 2 Shine Mixtape. This will be a mix of some of the best artists we work with along with digital distribution to all the major online retailers. Artist will also have a listed interview in our IHE publication.


    • Receiving 100 Votes in 2 weeks or more will submit your music a digital distribution to all the major online retailers. All music submitted for these projects if approved will get track mastering in our professional in-house studio. Also featured video interview.

3. After your music has gone through our voting process you will have the ability to have yourself and music published through our various outlets. Magazine, Mixtape and website, this will include professional editors and PR specialists submitting your music to other publications, radio shows, and blog writers.


4, With a $200 submission artists will have the ability to qualify for some of our music promo packages and get a professional editorial write up on the website.