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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON –MARCH 8, 2015—Seattle hip hop artist, Draze, pays homage to the late Biggie Smalls with the reload of his critically acclaimed Mixtapemovie“Notorious,” in time to remember him on the March 9th anniversary of his passing. Draze originally released “Notorious” on March 9, 2009. Click the link to watch: http://youtu.be/aATetsQNqzs.


Draze’s Mixtapemovie series, combines the raw emotion of hip hop music with the visual power and cinematic artistry of acclaimed Hollywood films and other visuals. Draze is set to release a series of Mixtapemovies in the coming months.


“It’s crazy to think that it’s almost been 20 years since Biggie passed,” says Draze. “The sad part is how little the new generation tends to know about his music. With the footage from the film, ‘Notorious,’ and other visuals and photos, we were able to tell a good story and hip hop fans loved it. Rapping from his perspective was a humbling experience. There were times while writing it where I felt like I was channeling his style. With this re-release I want to remind fans of how great of an artist he was. It’s crazy to think after all these years how relevant this Mixtapemovie still is.”


As the creator of a new hip hop medium, the Mixtapemovie series, Draze gained the attention and the respect of many hip hop aficionados with the first release, “Trading Places,” which was unveiled at Jay Z’s 40/40 club to a roomful of celebrities and tastemakers. Global Grindcalled Draze “the Mixtapemovie King.” In 2015, Draze is set to release a flurry of Mixtapemovies in response to continuing requests from his hardcore fans.


The audio mixtape market can tend to be oversaturated, which leaves the market wide open for Draze to visually grasp his audience with the Mixtapemovies. Draze’s next Mixtapemovie, “The Devil’s Advocate” about Kanye West, will be coming soon.


With the “Notorious” Mixtapemovie, Draze invites fans to watch and listen.


“If I could make the listener, for a second, actually feel like they are hearing Biggie’s thoughts, then I have done my job.”


About Draze

Draze, a Seattle-born rapper and musician, is riding a wave of attention from his street single, “The Hood Ain’t The Same”, which focuses on the effects of gentrification in urban America. National media outlets such as NBC and The Grio among others, have featured Draze’s movement due to the success of the controversial song. Draze recently received an award from the NAACP at the Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement.


Draze also received a huge co-sign from rapper Macklemore who recently chimed in on the gentrification discussion by tweeting out Draze’s video, “The Hood Ain’t The Same,” and stating that the “song is dope. And important…”


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