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(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Artist HSVN Talks New Project And Creating Music | @prodbyhsvn

(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Artist HSVN Talks New Project And Creating Music

HSVN’s Artist Bio:

Born in Omaha Nebaraska, raised in Las Vegas Nevada, artist/producer HSVN (pronounced Hassan) has cultivated a lane of his own and hasn’t looked back since his start in 2015. He got his start by collaborating and producing with artists like Neyo, Marsha Ambrosius, Starrah, Chuck Inglish (The Cool Kids), and Silento. Then he finally exploded onto the music scene, in 2016, by gaining the attention of socialites like YesJulz and Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi. Those in turn helped him gain over 1 million streams via Soundcloud. HSVN made his name from his previous album “Back2Back”, released in 2017, which had songs featured in shows like Grown-ish, Rosewood, Black Ink, and MTV’s Undressed. Songs from the album were also in rotation within commercial stores like Adidas, and H&M. “Combining elements of trap, hip-hop and R&B, HSVN is establishing and owning his signature sound. Reminding us of an early Travis Scott meets Bryson Tiller. It’s only a matter of time until HSVN follows in their footsteps to reach Astronomical new heights.” – MTV. This is only the beginning for HSVN, from here the future looks extremely bright for him. His upcoming album “Changes” is set to release May 29th, 2018.
1. Breakdown your name “HSVN” and what does it mean?
It’s my name, “Hassan”, just abbreviated. In my logo, the “V” is an upside down “A”; so in regular text I have to spell it HSVN.
2. What part do you play in the Las Vegas music scene?
My part here is pretty simple. I try to be more influential from afar to everyone here, and show Las Vegas artists how to build an artists brand “the right way”. Im pretty selfish with my work and don’t like sharing it with too many people unless I’m a fan though, so I tend to move around like a ghost if that makes sense.
3. HSVN, breakdown your style and sound?
My style is progressive. I like to make music that is constantly moving and building. Something that tells a story within itself. Whether its energetic or sympathetic, I have to make you feel something. I look at my sound as Alternative, because I don’t make typical rap or r&b songs. I listen to a lot of instrumentation, so when I’m writing I find ways to use my voice as if its a saxophone or synthesizer as well as using relatable lyrics.
4. what is the concept behind “Juice” and how long did it take you to shoot the video?
Juice is a song about a time where I went to a strip club and a came across a dope ass dancer who was fascinated by me, but couldn’t have me the way she wanted. We fucked around for a little, so I decided wrote a song about her. The video only took about 5 hours to shoot, then my guys Matt Goldberg (@ultrviolet_vizuals) and Skylar Blum (@skylarblum) edited the shit out of it for about a month to get the final product done.
5. How important is it for you to be 100% real in your music or are you 100% real in all of your music?
That’s honestly the most important thing about my music is that it’s completely honest and personal to me. I’ve lost relationships from some of the shit I’ve said in my songs. You have to find a way to make yourself vulnerable, thats how you come across the right way to fans. In my experience at least.
6.Your album “Changes” is set to release May 29th, 2018. How long were you working on this album and what do you feel this project will bring different to the music industry?
Changes took about 6 months to make. It took me a while to find my groove and level up on these songs. I think my songs add real emotions and vulnerability  which is something you don’t get from a lot of artists anymore. I’m not perfect nor do I want to be. This album shows that side of me.
7. How has your environment that you grow up in, effected the type of music that you create?
Growing up outside of school and sports all I saw were pimps, hoes, and gangs. Shit actually, my 7th grade aau basketball coach was a pimp lol. So growing up in Vegas I played a cat and mouse chase with women as long as I can remember, also staying on the borderline of not being active in the gang world but still using it as protection when needed. All in all everything taught me how to remain cool, so as far as my music goes I put as much effort into it to make it the coolest shit I can possibly make.
8. Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?
I see HSVN as an A list talent. I create a lot of cool shit and know a lot of people that make cool shit from music to visuals, clothing, products, food, film, damn near everything. So I know I’m gonna have an influential hand in a lot of dope things to come in the near future.

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