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(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Artist Smooth Banks Talks Music With Imperial Hustle |

(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Artist Smooth Banks Talks Music With Imperial Hustle

1. How did you get the name Smooth Banks and what does your name mean?
After years of being a Lyricist, I changed my name to Smooth Banks. My original stage name was G-Smooth. I felt that I had progressed tremendously as an artist as well as a producer & it was time to make that change. I chose Smooth Banks for multiple reasons, with one being my rap style. I tend to rap in a smooth, laid back, comfortable manner. Banks was originated off of the Famous Rapper Lloyd Banks, who happens to be an Icon that I’ve always looked up to.
2. breakdown your style and sound?
My style is very versatile. I can rap over a Slow Tempo, Fast Tempo, West Coast, East Coast, Down South, and any other beat that comes my way. As a lyricist, I believe it’s essential to be able to adapt to any style of music. Although I’m versatile, again I’m a lyricist. I spit bars, facts and real life experiences.
3. What made you want to create music?
I come from a family full of musicians. My Parents are from Belize, Central America, so I grew up listening to reggae music. In fact, My father, his brother, as well as many more family members were/ are still active musicians. At a very young age I began playing the drums, which led to the curiosity of production. I taught myself how to use FL Studio, and wrote my first verse when I was 12 yeas old. At that very moment, I knew being a Musician/Artist was going to continue on in my bloodline.
4. Hardest thing in life you had to overcome?
In 2016 I was in terrible car accident in Los Angeles. The car I was in wrap a pole on the passenger side, in which I was sitting. My left pelvis was fractured and my right femur snapped completely in half. I was rushed to the emergency and luckily those were the only injuries. My surgery was a success but I had to learn how to use my right leg all over again. I was on crutches for about 2 or 3 months then after that I began pushing myself to walk. Then I began pushing myself to jog & eventually I pushed myself to run. I had a son on the way at the time, I used him as motivation to get myself back to good health.
5. What is the concept behind your single “Survival Of The Fittest”?
With Survival of the Fittest, I wanted to show my listeners that I can come with the fire, straight bars! I had been working on a series of Radio singles and hadn’t had the opportunity to expose myself as a true hip hop lyricist. In that time, I was trying not to say too much in my songs. So, I found the perfect Mobb Deep beat, the beat that allowed me to unleash the fire I had been dying to let out.
6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I see myself I see myself continuing to work hard, creating longevity through consistency. I don’t only want to be known as an artist or producer. I’m working towards a bigger picture. Whether it be owning a production company, music licensing, entertainment or film, I plan on making history. I have a son that I need to prepare a future for. Music is in my blood, and whether it be touring, on the big screen…. you will see Smooth Banks

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