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Imc Music Group Releases Debut Single With Recording Artist Billy Dollaz: Quicka Ft Hersh

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NEWARK, NEW JERSEY- Billy Dollaz of IMC Music Group drops his new single Quicka. Now finding home with the IMC Music Group, the Jersey born emcee looks to tease fans with his melodic club anthem baiting the hunger of music ears globally. Billy has recently stepped back into the music scene with a background that’s extremely impressive for an independent artist. Being an adamant student of hip hop from an early age Billy knew that music was the direction that harnessed his skill. IMC Music Group develops media for musicians and business professionals. Billy’s partnership brings his music to new platforms fulfilling a void that now allows him to be reached.

From an early age Billy had an impressive intuition for music. At age 16 he would engage in the art of freestyling, competing with several of the local hip hop artists and found an undying raw talent for music. His past time hobby transformed into a path of desire carving a way towards a professional music career. By the age of 22 Billy started pursuing music in a completely new light and began catching the attention of multiple music industry execs. This sprouted the opportunity to ink a deal with Warlock Records. Under the Moniker of Tango & Cash, which consisted of Billy Dollaz and a child hood friend who shared a similar talent for music. While being a signed music artist, he had worked on a group project for Tango & Cash and recorded a solo album under Billy Dollaz.

Parting ways to expand on his music career, Billy had the opportunity to work with several musicians within the music game. Young Zee, Pace Won and Rah Digga of the outsiders just to name a few supporting the Jersey native. Billy has had the chance to work with several Grammy nominated producers and music artists which have involved T-pain, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana and many more. “BILLY IS THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, HIS TALENT KNOWS NO BOUNDS”- ATOYIA IJAMES – ARTIST MAYHEM, KANDII DOLLZ WEB MAG; “BILLY DOLLAZ HAS A VERY UNIQUE VOICE HE IS VERY EASY TO RECORD HE IS LIKE A MACHINE”- MARQUES QUINTANILLA.

Moving forward Billy pours his energy into giving fans a peak into the creation of his legacy. With Quicka being one of many music titles to hit the media, Billy looks to transform listeners into fans for feel good music that brings content and “Flow”. Currently his new album is being orchestrated for existing and new fans alike to receive a solid piece of material from Dollaz. He’s a musician that works for his fans and believes in creating quality music. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to his music, it’s time to get familiar, because he’s here to leave a mark on the measuring stick. This young new artist wants to make sure his name isn’t forgotten and his legacy is something to be remembered.

Learn more about IMC Music Group, the products and company visit www.imcmusicgroup.com. Follow Billy Dollaz on Facebook, Twitter and Instgram @dollazbilly and @billydollaz.

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