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Jalen McMillan’s Upcoming Song “No Cap” (ft DJ PLAE) Was Leaked!

The next song rapper Jalen McMillan will release is called “No Cap,” and it features popular Tallahassee DJ, DJ PLAE but we aren’t supposed to know that yet. According to reports, the rapper’s latest track—which he’s compos...

Miles Prime Drops His New EP “It’s Me, David Miles

24-year-old musician Miles Prime from Phoenix, AZ is up and running fresh off of the highly anticipated drop of his new EP “It’s Me, David Miles” music video and social links below

Artist and Rapper Produc More than Delivers Throughout this 17 Track Extravaganza

Reality is all of this and kicks the project off with style and purpose. That leading voice has depth of tone and drives with equally deep concepts, with this though – you also get a simple and enjoyable musicality. An organic ...

Chris Sway Releases New Music: JUST4FUN 2

The 101 Baby himself once again releases a well-executed project. JUST4FUN 2, the name in itself simply defines how effortlessly this youngin' Chris Sway is able to body and demolish any beat that he lays his vocals upon.

Dame J Drops New Single: Rent Due

Dame J, born " Damian Alexander Jenkins" grew up in Alexandria,VA with a true love for the art form of Hip-Hop, a passion that he gained from his late father. Living with minimal resources things were fairly tough for him and h...

Check out Music Artist RealJ and New Track PapArazziMe

Our Mission is to help heal society from the pain of its past. Our Vision is to help realize Harmony, the sum of the dreams of many leaders, visionaries and prophets. We acknowledge the ambition of this feet and embrace the cha...