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AR Base – Music overall feels R&B With soul, Hip Hop and Urban Pop music influences.



City:: Los Angeles, CA
Artist:: AR Base
Label:: AR Base Records
Release Date:: 26 February 2018
Single:: Grievous Words
Twitter:: @arbase
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About Artist:

“Many times it’s the path that holds our greatest fears that leads to destiny.” –AR Base
Growing up, AR Base came to learn this truth from a very early age. Born as the seventh child, he was often disregarded as the “shy boy.” In school, he struggled to learn new concepts, and it was from this obstacle that he began writing catchy songs as a way to memorize facts.

Influenced by living in Inglewood, California, it was at this time that he had the privilege of singing behind legends such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Shirley Caesar, and Beverly Crawford. He even had the honor of being chosen as backup for the Grammy Award Winning Patti LaBelle. It was an experience in his life that he is tremendously grateful for. Learning behind the greats forever changed and molded AR Base’s own musical stylings to begin combining his R&B roots, flavored with Gospel, while adding a hint of Neo Soul, and a dash of Hip-Hop influences.

His latest album, Press On, showcases the heart of AR Base’s music. “I write my songs for everyone. The downtrodden, people who have fallen or given up. With messages of love, hope, worship and resilience, AR Base hopes to keep on bringing new music as he prepares for his next Gospel Album.

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AR Base Grievous Words on spotify (Gospel R&B/Neo Soul)/Spotify link preferreable for blog..

AR Base Grievous Words on Soundcloud