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Rapper $enpai Records New Song “Like Me”



City:: Fort Worth
Artist:: $enpai
Single:: Like Me
Twitter:: @senpaibastard
Feature Type::





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About Artist:

“Like Me” is a song recorded and performed by rapper $enpai. The artist relies on the listener being familiar with who he is and what he represents to find the creativity within him. The artist has ways of discovering his sound, and, more importantly, what he really has to say.

The song simmers in a way that takes a few listens to really sink in, bringing in a frosty chill to the musical piece. It’s easy to find his sound melancholic injecting it’s own brand of thickening anxiety and isolation.

$enpai accepts the idea that he veers closer to the edge than some musicians with clarity that comes across simply and consistently in his lyrics. He never minces his words about depression or struggles of addiction, nor make them seem bigger than they are.

“Like Me” takes on an emotional level as well as an aesthetic one. You can feel the devotion poured into the result. Alt-rock guitars and viscous melodies that drizzle and pool into your soul makes the artist’s music sound like it’s pickled in sadness.

At the center of solace, is his love for sexually stimulating and high-as-a-kite thrills. I believe this gives the artist an ear for lyrical melodies that are similarly astonishing. His song is simple, so simple that it becomes memorable and vivid to evoke something more powerful.

Posted November 20, 2018 by