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(New Exclusive Interview) Blake Trent Talks About His Style Of Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine | @blaketrentmusic

(New Exclusive Interview) Blake Trent Talks About His Style Of Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine

How Long have you been creating music?

I’ve had an interest in music from an early age, starting with piano lessons since before I can even remember.  I always wanted to write my own music, but becoming too easily frustrated with the discrepancy in what I heard in my mind with what I could produce myself, I didn’t truly start writing until I was about 18.

Breakdown your style and sound?

My style and sound has evolved quite rapidly throughout this process.  I began with angsty teen rock in the vein of Yellowcard and All Time Low, switched to a spoken word style with influences from Linkin Park, and finally landed on a sound similar to Kaleo and Dashboard Confessional.  A little bit of blues, a touch of indie rock, and always a lot of fun.

How has the environment you grew up in, effect the type of music that you create?

I grew up in a single mother home, and while I recognize that this has unfortunately become more normal for many today, while growing up I noticed large differences between what my home looked like and those of my friends.  I didn’t know how to process any of this, and it among other things made growing up somewhat difficult. I gained an appreciation for people who would strive for honesty and vulnerability in their relationships, and I think that often carries over into the music that I write.   A lot of folks are dealing with serious issues every day, and if the music that I create can help them to know that someone understands, or at least cares, maybe they can see tomorrow a little bit differently than today.

What is the concept behind “I Need You” and how Long did it take you to record that record?

“I Need You” has been an interesting piece to work on.  I’ve struggled with depression myself for many years, and in a particularly low spot, I just felt this internal struggle of needing to reach out, to ask for help, but almost being unable to do so.  Much later I revisited what I had written down during that time, characterising doubt as this consuming voice reminding me of my own inability to succeed. I feel as though many have sat in this same place, having the desire, but not having the tools on their own.

As far as recording, there is a local artist development company I’m involved with called Trap Cat. Their entire focus is on building up local musicians, and providing them with opportunities to succeed in their craft.  They had decided to put together an acoustic compilation album with 10 different independent artists from the Orlando area and we were very grateful to be selected as one of those artists. The album featured very different styles and very different artists that had come together to make something beautiful and “I Need You” was  our track that was placed on the album. We recorded with a studio called Red Oak Collective, and we only had to go into the studio for a few hours one day to lay down the entire track.

What other business ventures do you have going on outside of Music?

I also work in commercial real estate and do some photography and media on the side.  I’m hoping to expand and merge all of these passions soon, but we shall have to see.

Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?

Within 5 years I see us having an international tour promoting a concept album that is partnered with different youth charities across the globe.  I want this music to impact youth, especially those who are so angry at the world that they have gotten themselves stuck within their minds. I think our message alone can help, but I want to put actions behind words and fund mental health assistance for those who need it, and provide help for those who would like to study the mind to make a difference for us all.  The future is being born today, and we need to invest in it as much as we can.

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