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(New Exclusive Interview) DJ KBK Talks Upcoming Show With Yo Gotti |

(New Exclusive Interview) DJ KBK Talks Upcoming Show With Yo Gotti

1. DJ KBK, How long have you being DJing and what made you want to become a DJ? 

             I have been DJing for a total of 7 years, and I started by DJing for the incoming freshman at NAU and fell in love with the entire feel of it all

2. DJ KBK, What part do you feel the DJ plays within the music Industry and is that part major? 
            I believe the DJ is the vehicle for the artist, in the industry as well as the local scene. A DJ moves the music to the masses for the artists. And i think it os a mjaor piece of the music industry.
3. DJ KBK, What is the process of preparing for a DJing show and what types of music do you like to spin?                         
Preparing for a show I like to take 15-20 before the show listen to some personal music that I like and that various from mood to mood im in, also praying and just thanking God for another opportunity to showcase my given ability. I can spin any genre but I prefer Hip Hop because thats my roots as a DJ.
4. DJ KBK, You have a big show coming up with Yo Gotti. How did this show come about and what do you feel are the pro’s and con’s of doing big show like this?
Yeah this show came about by way of an artist from another Hip Hop group out here in Sierra Vista by the name of Slk (pronounced slik) Money. He asked me to DJ a show where he opened for Lil Boosie in Tucson, they liked what I did so much they asked me to spin for this Yo Gotti one as well. As far as pros and cons theres really no cons any event whether it be 5 people or 5,000 people is a great opportunity to, promo, market and network and get pictures and videos of your talent. You never know who may be in the building so every event has to be performed at 300% as if its a sold out over seas stadium.
5. DJ KBK, do you plan on touring with any artist in the near future and do you feel touring will help help your brand and career?
            I have a tour im planning in march that will be ran through 5-6 different cities in AZ over a span of two weeks. That tour will be with artists, YDR and Ocean Murcielago, who can all be found on Facebook and soundcloud under the same names, and who ive also performed with many times in the past. Touring always helps with the brand because it helps gain fans, pictures, and videos in other cities and other states.
6. DJ KBK, what was the hardest thing you had to overcome and how did you overcome it?
            The hardest thing I have had to overcome career wise was coming out of a small city with one club. As a DJ clubs or venues to spin at are as important as an artist having a studio to record at. I overcame this by tireless networking via e-mail,  social media and phone calls to other clubs. Paying at times for promoters and other club owners to come out to see me and talk business while he/she was there to get me at their club.
7. DJ KBK, If you had the chance to do a Mixtape with 3 mainstream artist. Who would they be and why would you pick them?
              I have actually already done mixtapes with work dirty  (E-40s nephew) and members of Mobb Deep, but if i were to pick anyone else it would have to be Talib Kweli, Kanye West and probably King Los, I would pick them because i like their style they seem to style and exude that per hip hop sound
8. DJ KBK, Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?
         In the next 5 years I project myself to be touring at least around the USA, and not only me but using my brand to help push the careers of several other artists i have been working with such as the group 397, made up of artists: Celly Kobaine, Reach, and Hatchaa all who can be found on soundcloud under these same names and instagram as @thereal397

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