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(New Exclusive Interview) Edwin Robinson II Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine | @EdwinRobinsonII

(New Exclusive Interview) Edwin Robinson II Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine

1. How long have you been doing music?
I have been Producing and Writing Music for about 3 years now.
2. What does creating music mean to you?
Creating Music is special to me because it means I get to influence the narrative of up and coming talent. I am working on 3 projects simultaneously, I am writing and Producing 2 R&B projects for Artist under my production imprint My Different Beats llc, Tatum Montana’s W.E.T is already out! the single is doing well and Jameica’s Single will follow shortly. I love producing and writing. My Moods Project should be released early fall!
3. Breakdown your name Edwin Robinson ii and what does it mean?
Edwin Robinson II is my birth name it is me, it is my truth
4. You just dropped the record and video for “Mood 6.” How did the record come about?
Mood 6 was one of my favorite records to Produce, I remember just being inspired one night not able to sleep so I went to the studio and got to work, there is a line in the song when I say “Late night slow grind really am unbothered” I was really up grinding late feeling like nothing is going to stop this glow! Everything just came together
5. How important is this record and what do you feel it brings different to the music game right now?
Mood 6 is very important and was created to inspire All people All around the world. It is imperative for people to know whatever your circumstances are there is greatness inside of you! I wanted to focus on the black youth specifically to provide motivation and remind us we are all Kings and Queens. In the video you see a group of kids enjoying a beautiful day, enjoying each other’s Company, No Guns, No Hoes, just love for one another. It’s really organic.
6. Breakdown your style and sound?
My Company is called My Different Beats you can guarantee every song and Production will be very different from the last. I have no style, whatever the universe gives me at that point in time I work and then run with it! I don’t believe in being put in boxes. I  am artist through and through.

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