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(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Artist Brash Da Brilliant Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine |

(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Artist Brash Da Brilliant Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine

1. How long have you been doing music?
I started doing music when I was 9 years old, I took violin lessons just to learn how to play the pink panther song !
2. What made you start doing music?
 I actually started rapping in 2013 I went back home to cali and my friends took me to a backyard boogie party, there was about 200 people there. There was a few mc’s performing but they weren’t really moving the crowd. So the DJ said we just going to play instrumentals. My friends convinced me to go grab the mic and freestyle. I freestyled off the top of my head for 5 beats straight after I was done I received an overwhelming applause from everyone at the backyard party the feeling was ecstasy.
3. What makes you different from the other artist within the music industry?
I use my God given talent for good and to inspire others to be brilliant and reach there fullest potential it’s unlimited
4. Are you looking to get a record deal or stay independent?
I’ll stay independent until the major labels are looking negotiate with me beneficially, I’m very diplomatic.
5. Break down the concept behind “Sapiosexual” and how did the record come about?
A Sapiosexual is defined as a behavior attracted or aroused by intelligence. When I heard the instrumental the hook immediately came to me it giving an uplifting trance feel.
6. What made you put Prejon on the record and what do you feel he brings different to the record?
Prejon has one of the most unique singing voices I’ve ever heard, I knew after writing the hook that I needed an excellent singer to execute it and he did just that and we even got to hear him rap as well my bro went in!
7. Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?
Internationally known for rocking the Microphone, actor, model multiple business owner.

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