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(New Exclusive Interview) Miala Talks Music And New Project With Imperial Hustle Magazine | @mialadoche_

(New Exclusive Interview) Miala Talks Music And New Project With Imperial Hustle Magazine

1. How did you get the name “Miala” and what does it mean to you?

Miala is my birth name, my mom named me, I don’t know the thought process behind it lol…

2. What are the pro’s and con’s of being a female artist that is taken seriously in a industry where sex sales?

I sell sex lol 

3. Your music video for “FNF: is very futuristic. Who’s idea was it to shoot the video like that and how much fun was it shooting that video?

The whole video was my idea, a guy in Australia did it for me, I just basically explained everything I wanted via email, and he gave me more than I expected. He sent me everything as he did it from how I would look, the background, even the clothes, and the details on the clothes. The video just exceeded my expectations.

4. What city are you from and what is your favorite food spot in that city?

I am from Des Moines, Iowa even tho a lotta people don’t know that, and my favorite place to eat is my grandmas house.

5. How does your family feel about you creating music and do you share your content with them?

They are very supportive, and always have been since I was a child. I share everything with them as I go as well.

6. Top 3 female artist you would like to work with and why?

Erykah Badu 



I love there music, messages in the music, and there amazing style.

7. What do you want everyone that reads this interview to know about you Miala?

That they are gonna see more, and more of me, more music, more crazy creative visuals I’m just gonna continue to go harder and harder. Follow me on all my social media accounts, listen to my music, follow my career, and thank you for the wonderful interview. 

Kareem Williams