Posted April 15, 2018 by Defiance in New Updates

Pac Div – “Stoked” [video]

Weaving intricate rhymes with an infectious attitude, Pac Div stands up for the true spirit of hip-hop. Sharing their first new album since 2012’s GMB, Pac Div regains their original form on 1st Baptist. Fusing classic sounds of west coast rap with a deep spirituality and irrepressible energy, Pac Div don’t miss a beat on the new album. Demonstrating lyrical acrobatics over a kaleidoscopic collection of West Coast instrumentals, LIKE, Mibbs, and BeYoung bounce lines off each other, trading bars, uniting for hooks, and generally sounding enthralled with the act of rapping. With production from DJ Dahi, Swiff D, Huss, Esta, James Rodgers, and from the trio’s LIKE, the upcoming album recaptures the spirit and vibe of Pac Div’s original run of mixtapes with a sound updated for the future.

Rolling into a liquor store for a drink and a pack of Backwoods, the California trio receives a surprise in “Stoked,” their new video. After buying a scratch-off lottery ticket on a whim, the Div gets lucky and tumbles into a world of delirium, complete with fish-eye lenses, changing color schemes, and floating cartoon clouds. Premiered by Noisey and directed by F1V3, the new video perfectly encapsulates the outlandish spirit of the single, an aggressive and energetic new banger for those trying to hustle their way to the top.


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