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(New Exclusive Interview) Penny Tha Great Talks Music And New Project With Imperial Hustle | @pennythagreat

(New Exclusive Interview) Penny Tha Great Talks Music And New Project With Imperial Hustle

1. Penny Tha Great, you just dropped a video for “Poetic Mindstate ” What is the concept behind this record .and how was this vidceo shot with a cell phone?
I just wanted to capture the essence of a few places i lived at when i was a kid in The Bronx. I also wanted to capture some visuals of Puerto Rico as well.
2. Penny Tha Great, what do you feel  “Poetic Mindstate” brings different to the industry?
I think it has a positive message. I talk about doing your best and taking care of your health so you can live long in this record. I don’t really hear a lot of hip hop music that discuss these type of topics
3. Penny Tha Great, “Sophisticated Ignorance” is a powerful project. how long did it take you to record this project and where do you feel you had the most growth from your last project?
It took about a year and a half to put this project together. Hexsagon produced the whole album and we did not use any samples, all original music so it took a little longer to get everything finished. I think this project compared to my last i am trying different sounds and deliveries. I pretty much rap different on every song.
4. Penny Tha Great,  “Sophisticated Ignorance” where do you feel this project fits within the landscape of west coast music that is being released in today’s time?
I think this album has a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you like lyrical deep music, hardcore street raps or intricate story telling i think i cover all bases. 
5. Penny Tha Great, how important is “Sophisticated Ignorance” to you and how many songs did you record before you picked the songs that made the album?
This album right now has pretty much consumed my whole life. I’m FULLY vested. There are 11 songs and one hidden track
6. Penny Tha Great, what is the hardest thing in life you had to overcome and how did you overcome it?
The hardest thing in life is being able to capitalize off the time you are given. I am still working on being efficient with time
7. Penny Tha Great, where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years
In 5 years i hope to have a brand even outside of music and in the general media.

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