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Producer Marketing: 3 Steps to Promoting Your Beats in the Music Game

Producer Marketing: 3 Steps to Promoting Your Beats

in the Music Game

Is uploading a clean copy of your beats on Sound Click and YouTube considered a great way of promoting your producer resume?

Sure, you’ll gain followers through this “give-away” process, but you won’t earn much profit from it.

For your work to rise from nothing to above everything else, you have to know three basic steps in promoting your music. Spoiler alert: One of the most definite ways to market your beats is by releasing a glimpse within a mixtape


Build Hype Surrounding the Release of a Mixtape

Give artists something to fantasize about when it comes to your beats.

If you are just starting as a new producer, releasing only a bit of information about what you have to offer creates a sense of mystery. Let your name be known but not the explanation behind it. If you are doing it right, chances are that followers will come your way, and you will be flooded with “Likes” and a lot of admiration.

Create a timeline of how you are producing and planning to promote the mixtape before you even release it to the public. Next, make sure that you communicate with your audience. Let them be a part of your marketing strategy by having them join you on your social media sites and newsletters. You can also increase the amount of your subscribers by setting up a friendly contest or giving away freebies.


Run Your Blog while Producing Your Own Beats

If you are a producer or a rising artist, and you don’t have a website of your own, what are you doing with your life? In today’s age, it is much easier to maintain a website and a blog that will reach a larger scope of subscribers. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of blog themes, you can maintain a neat and simple blog.

You don’t need to stay up 24/7 just to let your followers know that they can reach you all the time. Social media sites are not enough medium to create an online presence. Update your blog; start posting several contents, and start producing appealing posts that support the date for your mixtape release.

Select Your Highest liked Beats and Make Something Happen!

Promoting your beats doesn’t mean spamming your followers’ email with nonsense. For your mixtape launch to be successful, select the best beats, your favorite one, and call it your single. This is where social media marketing plays a helpful role in getting you most of the views and visits. The best song in your list of tracks deserves to be listened prior to your release date. Pick the one song that will make people relate to what you have created.