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(New Exclusive Interview) Rapper Loyalty Bynum Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine | @RNB_THUGN

(New Exclusive Interview) Rapper Loyalty Bynum Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine

1. Break down your name and how you came up with it?
I stand behind what I say and I’m loyal so I came up with the name Loyalty and added my last name to still represent myself so that’s where Loyalty Bynum comes from. It is something I stand behind. It’s not too many people that still live by the whole “Loyalty” code.
2. How long have you been creating music and what is the meaning behind your music?
I really been creating music since I was in pre-k I had a crush on this girl and made a simple song and had everyone singing it. I want everyone to live their best lives, I was shot in the head October 29th, 2014 and could’ve died, but I didn’t! Everyone don’t get a second chance to redo this thing we call life so before your number is called live your best life and worry about the rest later.
3. breakdown the concept behind both the video and the record for “By Myself.”?
The video concept was basically to bring awareness to the homeless, and also to show the struggle and come up of my success. Because at a time I was homeless living out my car jumping house to house. The actual record was a free style…. Like I don’t write at all, I got the beat from Let That Boy Cook and thought to myself I need to make a hit record… and I laid the hook down and went from there. I actually doubted it at first and thought to switch up my second verse but when I sent it out the response I got was crazy so I kept it and ran with it.
4. If you were to do a remix to “By Myself” what three artist would you pick and what do you feel they wold bring to the track?
I pick my features wisely, but If I were to do a remix I’d probably pick Kevin Gates because I feel his energy and style fits the song and can bring more exposure to the song as a whole. Tory Lanez because I been rocking with him for a minute way before he got hot like he is now and he too would bring more exposure to the song. Last but not least I’d say Russ simply because I feel he’s under rated and can bring longevity to the song and with both our grind it will be bigger than life.
5. Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?
In 5 years I want the Globe to know my music and brand, I want everyone to be successful and spread love and understand Loyalty is more than a word it’s a way of life. I want to be on the big screen and create a better future for my children and their children and I think I’m on the right path to reach my goals.

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