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(New Exclusive Interview) RNB Singer MONROE Speaks On New Music With Imperial Hustle | @monroeoo7

(New Exclusive Interview) RNB Singer MONROE Speaks On New Music With Imperial Hustle

1. How long have you been creating music and breakdown your style?
I been grinding my music for 10 plus years non stop, being consistent, and creating different projects. I sold 40,000 plus units on the streets,
in different cities and at my shows. I’m a R&B and POP artist, and i go by MONROE. I’m independent and I’m signed to my own record label
Seven Tyme Entertainment.
2. How does your environment effect the type of music that you create?
I have to be around the best of the best, meaning the best producers creating the best production for my projects, and being in the best studio’s for that creativity to flow out. My music is clean, and it has a message for the grown and sexy. My music makes you think about love, partying and living my type of life.
3. Your New Single Is Called “Wish I Never Fell In Love.” How did this record come about?
Everyone will fall in love at least once in their life, and when they do, some will wish they never fell in love, and yes that was me.
4. Why should people listen to your music? What does it bring different to the marketplace?
People listen to my music, because they know I’m independent, but i sound like I’m on a major label, and they can see the work i put in, and i have songs they can relate to, and they love my grind and my hunger for the business, and I’m bringing something fresh and big, and it will make you say WOW!
5. Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?
I see me and my Dream Team touring around the world, my music top ten on Billboard and winning awards, and appearing on T.V. and my be in a movie, and putting out big songs and big video’s, and signing other artist to the label, and doing things in the community for God Kingdom!

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