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Top 5 Ways to Promote Your MixTape

You created your mix tape but that is only the first step in this long journey to becoming a success in the industry…

Once upon a time, promoting any art was a nearly impossible thing to do. Thanks to the online digital world, doors have opened that may not have existed previously. A digital presence is the most powerful resource when it comes to promoting your mixtape and you would be foolish to not utilize it in a goal to finding success.

By following some of these tips, you will start moving towards your goal:

  1. Blog

No matter what industry you’re in, having an SEO rich blog will attract people to you. You can start by creating your own blog, wordpress.com has been an excellent platform to start.

WordPress.org offers flexibility with those more familiar with a self-sufficient process. It’s easy to use and you can create it as one that you will update regularly. It’s a good way to start attracting a fan base. This will give you a great place to show off your process, offer samples of new work, or create content showing a routine that will interest your fans.

You can also convince music bloggers to write about you, to help promote your music.

If they give you great reviews on their music blogs, you will start getting more attention for your work.

  1. Video

There are so many different mixtape artists period!

Then there are those that were actually discovered thanks to YouTube. Meek Millz? He was discovered on YouTube and is now an international sensation. The Weeknd? He also was discovered thanks to YouTube. The list of musicians that have found a lot of success in the music industry thanks to YouTube, Vevo or Vimeo actually seems to go on and on.

Video is the format that helps musicians target large amounts of fans quickly. If you want to get your music out there, you need to be on YouTube or Vimeo. Just think about how many people visit that site just to find new artists on a regular basis. You need to get a piece of that very big pie.

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  1. Reddit

Artists may tend to overlook the power behind the use of Reddit.com.

Reddit is one of the largest websites for shared topics. There are a lot of things that became viral that found its origins on Reddit. There are subreddits for music and this is a great place to gain some traction with for public opinion about your music.

You will get useful critiques and you may end up building a large fan base surrounding your work. What could be a better way to start your budding career?

  1. Stream Music

Spotify is on example of a popular music streaming site.

A multitude of musical artists are on it, so it make’s sense to put yourself on there too.

They have a section specifically for discovering some new artists, which is excellent for any new artists to get their names out there.

Being discovered on a site like Spotify will draw attention to your YouTube channel or blog to grow your fan base. Giving you a high search ability for new fans.

  1. Use Social Media

Thanks to Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook the worlds now speaking in of hashtags and quotable trends.

You can Tweet out images, samples or just simple Tweets that have popular music hashtags. You should also watch for other relevant hashtags so that you can gain traction among the trending topics.

The digital age has opened a vast resource for all types of artists to get out there and you would be crazy not to use them to get your name out with a buzz.

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